Introduction to Providers on the Golem Network

The Golem Network is an innovative, peer-to-peer platform, reshaping the landscape of computational power sharing. At its core are two primary actors: requestors and providers. Here, we focus on the latter, the backbone of the network's resource distribution.

What is a Provider?

A provider is an entity that contributes computational resources to the Golem Network​​. These resources are not limited to heavy-duty servers or specialized hardware; in fact, almost any internet-connected computer can serve as a provider, whether it's a personal laptop, a desktop, or a server machine​​.

How Does it Work?

The magic starts when a provider runs a piece of code known as a provider agent, which adheres to the Golem network protocol. This code effectively transforms the machine into a Golem node, ready to offer its idle resources to those in need​​.

Exchange of Value

Providers play a crucial role in the network's ecosystem by sharing their processing power. In return, they receive compensation in the form of GLM, the native token of the Golem Network, thus creating a decentralized marketplace for computational power​​.

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