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The Guides section contains articles that explain concepts, introduce terms, and provide a broad overview of particular topics.

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Introduction to the Golem Network and Task ModelThis is a short introduction to the Golem Network concepts explaining basic terms like yagna, image, requestor, and provider. It also clarifies the basic components of applications running on the Golem Network and introduces the Task Model supporting our Task API. You can also find a list of major features provided by TASK API.
Working with Golem imagesThis guide explains what are: the Golem image, the process of creating a custom one, and how you refer to the image in your code.
Moving your apps to mainnetA guide explaining what you need to do, and consider, to switch from testnet to the production network.
Retrievable tasks (Job API)A guide explaining how to use the Job API to run tasks on the network and get access to their state, results and error messages after they have been started.
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