Ray exposes a command line interface to manage the cluster (and nodes).

This article explains the commands available, which are useful when working with Ray on Golem.

For more details check out the Ray Cluster Management CLI reference.

Commands Overview

While ray start & ray stop are for manual node setup there are also many cluster commands

  • ray up golem-cluster.yaml starts up a cluster specified by the yaml
  • ray down golem-cluster.yaml terminates the cluster
  • ray submit golem-cluster.yaml executes an app on the cluster
  • ray exec golem-cluster.yaml 'ray status' shows cluster status
  • ray exec golem-cluster.yaml 'shell-command-line' executes shell commands on the head node
  • ray attach golem-cluster.yaml gives you shell access to the head node
  • ray dashboard golem-cluster.yaml tunnels the Ray dashboard to http://localhost:8265
  • ray rsync_up golem-cluster.yaml /local/path /path/on/cluster uploads files to the head node
  • ray rsync_down golem-cluster.yaml /path/on/cluster /local/path downloads files from the head node

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