Welcome to Golem

Getting Started

an overview that explains the main UI views (Network, Tasks, Settings) in general

Running Golem

explains what it means to start & stop Golem, and how / why you can adjust the resources you give to the system

Adding Tasks

explains how to add tasks, where to adjust settings, using rendering as an example

The Golem System

explains what the system is, at a high level (i.e. nodes form a network, tasks are run, nodes get paid)

Rendering with Golem

basics of rendering with Golem

Golem Integrations

explains how Golem is an expandable system that will grow with every integration


what is a Golem node, why does Golem use them


explains everything in the Settings tab of Golem, and why it is there


solutions to common problems (e.g. firewall / NAT issues)


explains what subtasks are and how they work


how payments work in Golem