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The Golem Network is place where your innovative ideas transform into reality. Here, you'll harness the collective power of global computing resources.

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How to Acquire GLM

To bring your creations to life on the Golem Network, you'll need some GLM tokens. These tokens are the backbone of our ecosystem, allowing you to utilize and contribute to the computing power shared across the network. You can obtain our tokens in several ways:

  • Test Network for Developers: Specifically designed for new participants in the Golem network and developers experimenting with their projects, this test network introduces "tGLM," a testnet token. tGLM is a simulated version of the Golem token (GLM) used exclusively within the Golem testnet. It's important to note that tGLM holds no real-world value, serving solely for development and testing purposes within the Golem Network.
  • Onboarding Portal: Visit our onboarding portal for a guided experience in purchasing GLM tokens.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges: GLM is available on several leading exchanges. Here are the links to these platforms:

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Dive into real-world applications and discover how Golem's versatile platform can empower your development journey. Our examples span various use cases, illustrating the flexibility and power of Golem in different scenarios

Visit the Awesome Golem repository to see a range of projects that bring these capabilities to life.

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