Supported versions and other limitations

The current version is pre-alpha which means the happy path is working on the Golem test network. We use this version to show the direction and get feedback.

Python and Ray image base

The Ray on Golem image contains ray 2.7.1 and python 3.10.13. It should work with any combination of local Ray and Python versions.

Please let us know if you have any troubles because of that (on #Ray on Golem discord channel)


We have tested Ray on Golem on Ubuntu and WSL, but it should work on other Linux distributions. For now, we don't support MacOS or bare Windows.


Ray on Golem image contains only the basic Python libraries.

If you need any dependencies in your Ray app, you can use pip via cluster yaml initialization_commands

You can also instruct Ray on Golem to use the needed libraries during execution by passing the runtime_env parameter to ray.init(). It is demonstrated for example in this tutorial.

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