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Golem JS Tutorials

JS tutorials are designed for developers who want to learn Golem concepts by a practical realization of proposed project challenges. Here is a list of available tutorials and their content:

TutorialWhat will you achieveWhat will you learnLevel
Quickstart ExplainedYou will build the Quickstart example step by step.You will learn the basic structure of the requestor script necessary to run a simple task on the Golem Network and how to modify the Quickstart example to fit your needs.easy
Parallel processingYou will create a tool to recover passwords using the hashcat tool used in the password recovery process run in parallel on computers in the network.You will learn how to compose complex tasks consisting of several steps and how to run tasks in parallel and process the results. You will also create your custom image.easy
Web example explainedCreate a simple web page that will enable you to trigger tasks on the Golem Network in the browser context and display results and logs.How to use the API directly from the browser context. It is useful when incorporating the Golem Network as a computation engine for your web app.easy
Creating custom Golem imageYou will create your own custom image.How to create a Docker image, install the Golem conversion tool, and convert and publish your custom image.easy, docker service required
REST API example with Express.jsYou will create a simple REST API that will allow you to send some text to the Golem Network and get back a text-to-speech result in the form of a WAV file.How to use the Job API in a real-world scenario.easy

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