Create your task application using Task API

Welcome to the docs page for Golem JS SDK.

The core of JS SDK is the @golem-sdk/golem-js library that enables interaction with the Golem Network. Your JS scripts can be run in Node.js and web browsers. We provide a documentation package that helps quickly understand and use the Golem Network and the essential tools.

You can start your journey with Golem and create great decentralized apps the way that suits your style and preference:

QuickstartsIf you like to start with something quick and simple - select one of our Quickstarts. They contain instructions that show how to run our apps quickly.
TutorialsIf you prefer to learn how to write apps on Golem through practical use cases - try one of our tutorials. In the Running tasks in parallel tutorial you will create an app that recovers passwords using the hashcat utility. You will learn how to split the job into multiple smaller tasks and run them in parallel on the Golem Network. You will also create a custom image with the software dedicated to the task and run the app on the network.
GuidesIf you prefer to begin by understanding the Golem Network concept and have an overview of the Task API model - check out the Guides section. You can also find an explanation of Golem images and how to create custom ones.
JS ExamplesIf you want to explore Task API features through examples that illustrate how to use our API - go directly to JS Examples. You will find ready-to-run examples with explanations that will help you add these new features to your apps.
Tools examplesGolem tools examples contains instructions on how to install and use tools such as the Yagna (this is the piece that makes you part of the Golem Network), gvmkit-build (a tool that allows you to create your custom Golem images) and other important components of building and running Golem apps.
API ReferenceWe also provide a reference where you can explore details of the API.

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