Title describing the content of the section

Note that index pages are planned to contain a content body for the Menu items that have a submenu. In Mkdocs these entries have to possess content in the index file and we inherited these articles.

They can be used to provide an introduction to the section.

In most cases, we use them to explain what readers can expect in different sections.

To increase readability, it is suggested to use a table.

The best way to provide a link is to provide an absolute path: [text](/docs/templates/index-template).

Note that links to articles should be without extension. If you create a link to file, point to the folder that contains that file.

Name of the sectionIn the index page, referring to a menu that has a submenu, you can place the link in the description.
Title of articleIn case you point to articles, the link is under the title of the article.

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