Explain what will be demonstrated in this article.


Yagna service is installed and running with the try_golem app-key configured.


In this article we will present tha basic structure for an examples article.


Yagna service is installed and running with try_golem app-key configured.

How to run examples

Create a project folder, initialize a Node.js project, and install the @golem-sdk/golem-js library.

mkdir golem-example
cd golem-example
npm init
npm i @golem-sdk/golem-js

Copy the code into the index.mjs file in the project folder and run:

node index.mjs


Examples should be simple and short with each code snippet ready to copy and run.

Examples should focus on single aspects and show how to use a given feature.

If you have more than one example, list them.

If there is a need to compare different points, use a table.

CommandAvailable in node.jsAvailable in web browser

You can notify readers about some important topics.

If all examples in the article follow a specific scenario, you can explain it here.

Giving a title

Example titles should tell what is the outcome of the example.

import { TaskExecutor } from '@golem-sdk/golem-js'

replacement text for an image

Images should be placed in /public folder.

Another example

In the example, explain:

  • Why readers might use it
  • How they should use it
  • Point to outcomes
  • Point to interesting things that can tell readers more about the network

Showing variants

Variant 1 body here

See also
  • Title of other related sections: i.e. Tutorials, Guides.

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