A provider node can only run on a Linux machine with the x86-64 architecture and nested virtualization enabled in the BIOS.

Provider architecture

The provider is a node with the Yagna service, with additional components installed. These components implement the provider logic. To make its resources available to the requestor, providers utilize an execution unit (exe-unit for short). Exe-unit starts and controls a runtime - the type of runtime depends on the type of image the requestor wants to run. Exe-unit also allows for interaction with the running runtime.

Currently, Golem provides:

  • Virtual Machine (VM) runtime that runs images provided in GVMI format,
  • WASM runtime that runs WebAssembly code

In our examples, we utilize VM runtimes that run a requestor-provided GVMI image.

Next steps
  • More about becoming a Golem provider here.
See also
  • More about the Golem images here.

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