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Type Aliases

Type Aliases


Ƭ DemandRequestBody: Object

A bit more user-friendly type definition of DemandOfferBaseDTO from ya-ts-client

That's probably one of the most confusing elements around Golem Protocol and the API specificiation:

  • Providers create Offers
  • Requestors create Demands
  • Demands are used to create a subscription for Proposals - Initial ones reflect the Offer that was matched with the Demand used to subscribe
  • Once the proposal is countered, it's countered with a "counter proposal" which is no longer Offer + Demand, but rather a sketch of the agreement - here both parties try to agree on the values of certain properties that are interesting from their perspective. These "negotiated proposals (of) ...." are buit using DemandOffeBaseDTO

#FIXME yagna - feedback in the note above

Type declaration

propertiesRecord<string, string | number | boolean | string[] | number[]>

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