Table of Contents

Instructions on how to use Golem tools:

Yagna installation for requestorsSimple instructions on how to install Yagna service and become part of the Golem Network.
Managing Golem walletInstructions on how to check your wallet address, monitor status, enable payments on the main network, and obtain test tokens.
Golem wallet backupProcedure for how to backup and secure your Golem wallet.
Restoring Golem walletProcedure for how to restore your wallet after new Yagna installation.
Converting Docker image to Golem formatInstructions on how to convert Docker image into Golem format.
Gvmkit-build installation (image conversion tool)How to install the tool that can convert Docker image into Golem format (+ instructions on how to run it without installation).
Publishing custom imagesInformation on how to make your image available for providers: both "hash" and "tag" naming conventions covered.

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