Provider Troubleshooting

This article will show you how to troubleshoot some common issues with providers. If none of the following information is helpful, you can join our Discord Server for tech support.

Provider installer on Ubuntu exits without an error but doesn't run.

If you run the Golem Provider one-line installer on a minimal install of Ubuntu and it completes without error but doesn't run then you might have a symlink issue.

Solution: See this guide on setting up and managing Symlinks.

Connectivity issue

If you are not receiving tasks at all, have the correct subnet configured, have reasonable prices set for using your HW, and have VM valid, then the most probable cause is a yagna "connectivity" issue.

Solution: Kill and restart the process

Invalid VM

In case the golemsp status command returns a status other than valid:

a) If: the user has no access to /dev/kvm run

curl -o && chmod +x ./ && ./

Afterwards, log out and log in again into your OS and then, rerun golemsp run

b) If: running inside Docker without access to /dev/kvm run

docker run --privileged

or mount the /dev/kvm device to the Docker container.

c) If: unsupported virtualization type: XEN

We do not support XEN hypervisor

  • In any other case with the virtualization, we recommend the:

sudo apt install cpu-checker && sudo kvm-ok command and follow the steps as given in the terminal interface.