12 — Payments

This is main accounting panel. You can check your total GNT (Golem Network Token) and ETH balance.

In a table you see all your payments history grouped by tasks. For tasks created by you the amount will be negative. Tasks computed by you will give positive amount (income).

All your payments should appear immediately in this table. Sometimes you'll have to wait for incomes to be displayed. They may be delayed by ethereum network or the information that a particular transaction is in fact a payment for a particular task may be delayed by node that created the task.

Although technically you're paid for each subtask (each task is divided into subtasks and distributed through Golem Network), you'll only see a summary. Note that GNT is different from ETH. Also note that besides GNT you'll have additional gas costs for each transaction.

If you want more in depth information about ethereum tokens/ethers/gas please refer to original documentation: