03 — Adding tasks

Golem is a system for processing tasks across a decentralized, distributed computer network. Individual users or services can use Golem to process various computing tasks. For individual users, there are two ways to add tasks to the Golem desktop app, via the Add Task button on the main toolbar which allows the user to select a file through the system chooser or via drag and drop. Both single files or folders can be added.

To add a task via the system chooser, click the Add Task icon, select your file or folder and your task will be added to Golem (after you have filled out the Task Settings).

To add a file via drag and drop, simply drag a file (or multiple files inside a folder, in case of tasks with multiple resources) onto the Task view, and the task will be added.

03.1 Task Types

Golem should recognize supported task resource files — currently limited to Blender or LuxRender scene files. If it does not recognize any scene files in data, Golem will let you know so you can sort out the problem and resubmit the task.

03.2 Define your Task

Once your files have been added, you can name your Task, and choose the type. This tells Golem which among known applications should be used to compute this task.

03.3 Task Settings

For a detailed look at Task Settings, please see documentation.

But the basic process is to set your options and click Start Task. The new task will appear in the Task view. It will be divided into subtasks and sent to the Golem network for processing.

03.4 Task View

This is what a task in the task view looks like.


You can see the Task type icon at left, the task name, time remaining (or time elapsed for completed tasks), and a progress bar. If you hover over the right end of the list entry, a delete button will appear. If you click the task name of a completed task, it will open the task results in your file system. The far end of the entry shows an arrow to open the task’s settings view.

03.5 Delete a Task

Hover over the right end of the task, just before the Task Settings arrow to show a delete icon. Click to delete the task.

03.6 Restart a Task

You can restart an entire task that has got timeout. Hover over the right end of the timeouted task and click circular arrow to do that. Keep in mind, however, that it might be caused by too short timeouts defined for this type of task, and same situation may be repeated. You may consider, deleting and resubmitting same task with increased timeouts. It is also possible to restart parts of a task (called subtasks). Check Subtasks section and Rendering with Golem section