01 — Welcome to Golem

Golem is an app that allows you to share your computer to earn digital currency. You can also use it to process tasks more demanding than your own computer can handle.

In this section, we will take you through the main views of Golem’s user interface to get you up and running quickly.

01.1 Network View

Network view

This is your main view of the Golem network. There are various parts of the interface shown here.


Here you can switch between Network and Tasks tabs. You can also add a task, view these docs or adjust the App Settings.

Wallet Balance

Here you can check the balance of your Golem wallet. This balance is held in GNT (Golem Network Tokens), but you can also switch to view amount of you ETH (balance) (Ether, the Ethereum token) that is needed to pay for gas. Read more about your Wallet or getting GNT here.


This view allows you to simply allocate a percentage of your machine’s resources to the Golem Network. Generally speaking, the more resources you allocate, the more your potential to earn GNT on the network, but also the less power you have to use for yourself.


This view shows all your transactions on the Golem Network. A “+” indicates you have received a payment from the network for processing tasks, while a “-” indicates that you have paid the network to process tasks for you.


This view gives you fine-grained control over your machine’s resource allocation, allowing you to specify exactly how much CPU, RAM and Disk space you will allocate to the network.

01.2 Tasks View

Tasks View

You can drag tasks into the Tasks window directly from your desktop, or you can add them via the + icon on the Toolbar. Once added you will be taken to the Settings pane for that Task. For more details on that, see here

For any completed or in progress Task, you can click the > icon to see the Settings for that task.

At the lower left of this view there is a Status Indicator , showing if the network connection is active, if you are processing tasks and so on.

At the lower right is the Preview toggle, which shows or hides the thumbnail preview for that task. This thumbnail preview can, for certain task types, be opened as a full Preview Pane. For more on that view, please see here

Completed task outputs can be opened in your file system by clicking the name or icon of the task entry.